Away Goals Football Shop - How it Started

Away Goals Football Shop - How it Started

Away Goals Football Shop saw light in July 2020, from a deep-rooted love for the beautiful game. It is based in Montreal, Canada.

After years of watching football and living unforgettable emotions, the brand was inspired from the peak moments of football, notably all the away goals scored in the Champions League. From Iniesta's goal against Chelsea in the 2009 Champions League semis, to Lucas Moura's hat-trick comeback against Ajax a decade later, countless of these moments gave us the "peak of football" - as we call it...

...and that's where a football shirt comes into play! A football shirt can unlock so many moments, merely from goals, last-minute winners, championships, or even heart-breaking losses. 

Founded by a student who devotes countless hours into what he loves and his community, Away Goals Football Shop is not only a store - but also a space where we can all reminisce the spine-tingling occasions which we impatiently wait to describe to the next generation of what they missed.

Away Goals Football Shop brings back a selected range of vintage, modern and even potential future classics from both clubs and national teams. Relive the beautiful game with us.

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