Frequently Asked Questions

Are all our products authentic?

Yes, every product on our site is authentic. This included our pre-owned collection.  Every shirt is carefully evaluated by our specialists to ensure they are authentic.  Our trade-ins are meticulously verified to ensure there are no replicas or illegal counterfeit items.

What’s the difference between a regular shirt and a player issue shirt?

Regular shirts are the shirts commonly found at sportswear retail stores.  These shirts are designed for comfort and can be worn daily. A player issue shirt is customized to a professional player’s physical features, to enable the best performance on the field.  This typically means a tighter, more fitted shirt.  Player issue shirts will have the team logos sewn as opposed to heat pressed. 

BNIB vs BWNT: What does it mean?

BNIB means Brand New in Bag, which means that the product is still in its sealed original packaging.  BNWT means that the product’s original packaging has been removed, but the tag is still attached to it - still making it brand new.

What about the pre-owned items?

At Away Goals Football Shop, we are ready to pay cash for top-quality authentic football shirts.  To facilitate the buying experience of our discriminating customers, all our pre-owned shirts are assigned a condition grading based on our appraisal.  Only authentic items are sold on our site.

Shipping and Returns

See our shipping and returns policy here.